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Why Bets.work?

How to earn money with us?

On sports betting is won not by those who put small sums on large coefficients, which is logical. Benefit only those who can afford to risk large sums for low, but the true factor. Our system is working - a team of privateers receives capital from investors and begins to make with it. Earn for all.

You just need to open the account on the website and to make even the minimum amount balance in your account to start earning. Imagine that You can earn passively, and not think about how it manages the millions of others. All real. Just register and invest a minimum amount to make sure that everything works.

Why earnings stable? A team of cappers is so great and professional that on the pocket of the project works is simple math. Because the majority of cappers always bet on low odds, looking for a reliable bet. A smaller part selects bets with large odds and the chance to force majeure. The ratio of wins and losses always allows you to stay in the black, sharing with the earned money among investors.

And most importantly - all risks Bets.work takes over. You don't need to put yourself and hope that the team wins. You get a stable income, regardless of how over dozens of events.

Need details?

Guarantee up to 15% of profit from each investment a day. You only need to do 3 steps

  • 1 - register your own account Bets.work
  • 2 - choose one of tariff plans for earnings
  • 3 - to pay the balance and wait for the end of the Deposit period
Investment collected
Investors withdrew on your account
Satisfied customers
Days of successful operation
You don't need luck - just math and probability


A team of cappers, on which rests the success

The company's activities as transparent as possible - we take in trust the investments that are used for betting. Sporting events bring huge money if to anticipate the nuances.

Bookmakers already hate us, because they know that the capper with the experience of threat. What? He can afford to put a large sum on a small real coefficient and take a few hours 40-60% of the profits. It's killing the bookmakers and they are increasingly forced to reduce the maximum bet amount. After all they only want one thing - a large number of people willing to put a bet on the biggest odds. It's a real lottery, not earnings. Only fools hope that wins the bet with the highest odds.

Our cappers detailed evaluate the events and choose only those that have a high chance to win.

In addition, it is not necessary to verify and confirm their passport details. No need to add a credit card number. You don't need to waste time.

We have simplified the system to the maximum. We reached the top in the world of betting.

Documents of the company Bets.work
Here's a video for a better understanding of how everything works
Customer feedback
34% of the PARTICIPANTS Bets.work has put not less than 30, 000 RUBLES
And they don't regret it - we consistently pay their earnings to the investor.
With Bets.work easier to win.
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+5% for 24 hours
Contribution: 10.00
Via: 7 days
Your income: 52.49
  • Minimum investment: 10.00
  • The percentage calculation: 5%
  • Withdrawal percent: after Deposit
  • Multiple deposits: Yes
+10% for 24 hours
Contribution: 50.00
Via: 7 days
Your income: 109.99
  • Minimum investment: 50.00
  • The percentage calculation: 10%
  • Withdrawal percent: after Deposit
  • Multiple deposits: Yes
+17% in 24 hours
Contribution: 100.00
Via: 7 days
Your income: 584.99
  • Minimum investment: 100.00
  • The percentage calculation: 17%
  • Withdrawal percent: after Deposit
  • Multiple deposits: Yes
+25% for 24 hours
Contribution: 500.00
Via: 1 day
Your income: 7498.75
  • Minimum investment: 500.00
  • The percentage calculation: 25%
  • Withdrawal percent: after Deposit
  • Multiple deposits: Yes
Company news
15 Jan 2020, 09:27
Happy New Year!

Dear participants of the bets.work project, we are pleased to congratulate each of you on the New Year and we want to provide a development plan for the new year!


7 Jun 2019, 07:48
The second level will now receive 5% of deductions instantly to the wallet!

Due to numerous requests from partners, we decided to increase accruals for the second level to 5%

+ Second level partners will also receive a weekly bonus!

+ Second level partners will be sent messages with a link to the general chat partners!


4 APR 2019, 12:22
Pay your traffic sources!

Good to all participants of the project, especially our partners, and we offer to pay for your work in addition!